cockroach treatment

Cockroach Treatment

Here we describe a visit to a cockroach pest problem with one of our pest control technicians, Peter in his own words!

Embarking, Peter the pest controller has arrived at a premises to continue his confrontation with one of the country’s most unwelcome household guests. Right, we’re embarking and got the cockroaches job. I inspected it out yesterday and the infestation is quite bad so I’ve got to come back and sort it out. Seriously, cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. Legend has it, that they are the only creatures that could survive a nuclear holocaust! They also spread diseases like dysentery typhoid and gastroenteritis, all in all, a revolting and formidable opponent for Peter. come here. I found loads of cockroaches all different sizes from limps to adults in all the cupboard areas. You can see telltale signs which are like black dots from the faeces which gives you evidence that there are cockroaches.

They’re more nocturnal. If you’ve got any big infestation, as we have got in this kitchen, you will actually see them running around during the day. I can see a few now! If you can see one, you can identify the species which we’ve got… the German cockroach. The floor would actually get up move it is that infested and literally moves all the cupboard areas. I’ve spoken to the owner as well and she said it’s disgusting and frustrating and most importantly for his clients to see them. To have a chance at all of getting rid of the cockroaches, understanding their life cycle and how they live is vital to potential removing them. The adults which we have here and then you’ve got the egg capsule which is that the back which they carry.

Then you’ve got your nymph and then your nymph stage as you can see as they’re getting bigger as they moult out, they get bigger and bigger and then on the last moult they’ve reduced the wing cases and then that’s how you get the adults which then mature for breeding again. This life cycle lasts about three months and in that time a single female we’re really thousands of eggs to add to the infestation to get rid of cockroaches the only successful way is the use of poison. The one thing you mustn’t ever do is tread on them! You never ever crush the cockroach, especially females. If you stamp on them you’re dispersing in the eggs and watch out anyway, as you don’t want to spread the infestation even more. Peter, the pest controller is preparing to unleash his tube of poison on the unsuspecting infestation of cockroaches to them.

I can actually show you in this house by putting a little drop-down and watching them run to it right away the cockroaches are normally nocturnal but it just takes a little drop of the poison to coax them out of their slumbers. Its secondary poisoning and once the adults see it they will die and if they don’t, they will eat another bait, then they will get secondary poisoning and they will die.

Peter knows whether his plan has worked but he’s sure it will. All the cockroaches will go and I’m very confident if I come back in four weeks and you will see a difference. You’ve got to be confident in this situation because if you’re not, you’re letting yourself down and you’re letting the public down and at the end of the day that’s what I’m here for… to help the public.

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