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If you are looking for a professional pest control company in the North West then look no further because we are the experts to call. We use lots of different methods for removing pests, including bait stations.

Rodent bait stations are the most commonly used product in rodent control programs. Whether that be for a single-family home, or for a commercial shopping centre, or a school you’ll notice these all about if you look hard enough. To show you exactly what they are and how they work, you really need to be a trained expert and they will only really work in the hands of a professional. It also worth buying better quality traps and bait boxes, rather than cheap imitations.

Never bother with DIY baiting or trapping. I have never seen a DIY product work, especially in the hands of an untrained person. To understand just what they are and how they work, you need to have gone through years of training and experience.

There are many types of bait stations… some that are designed to look like rocks so they can blend into their surroundings to more modern sleek designed bait boxes but generally it is not the equipment that is the most important but the operator handling them!

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Why Choose Us

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Eco Friendly

We always try to be planet and eco-friendly. We recycle where we can and try to use environmentally safe solutions.

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Our staff take great pride in their appearance, stature and friendly approach to customers. Clients love our polite customer service!

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We are certified, insured and qualified to carry out all aspects of pest control throughout the North West area of the UK.

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We continually try to better ourselves and build upon our vast knowledge of pest control services with ongoing training schedules.

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Pricing is important and something we think hard about! We know that affordability is important for all of our customers.

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Discretion is the better part of valour and is something we stand for in the community. All services are very discreet for clients!

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